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This document issued by the State of Texas is also commonly known as a wholesale certificate, a sales and use tax certificate, a tax exempt certificate, etc. This document allows a business to purchase items  from a supplier without paying sales tax.

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What is a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit?

A Texas sales and use tax permit is a permit/license issued by the State of Texas that allows an individual or business to buy and sell tangible items in Texas. You are required to obtain this permit if you are engaged in business in Texas; and you sell or lease tangible personal property in Texas; or you sell taxable services in Texas.

If you currently sell tangible items in Texas, or you plan to sell tangible items in Texas, there are tremendous benefits to obtaining a sales and use tax permit.

This permit is also often referred to as a wholesale license, a seller’s permit, a reseller license, a sales permit, a resale certificate, and many other things.

What is a Texas Resale Certificate?

The technical term in Texas is a Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate, or Texas form 01-339. A Resale Certificate and a Sales and Use Tax permit go hand in hand. Although these documents are technically different, the terms are often used interchangeably because they almost always accompany one another. In fact, you cannot use a Resale Certificate without having a Sales and Use Tax Permit.

A Resale Certificate is a document that you use to make tax free purchases. A Sales and Use Tax Permit is the permit that gives you the authority to use that Resale Certificate, to make those tax free purchases, and to sell tangible goods.

In other words, you need them both.

Advantages of a Sales/Use Tax Permit

  • Qualify for Wholesale Discounts. Having a sales and use tax permit is often a requirement by suppliers for a vendor to quality to purchase items at discounts or at wholesale.
  • Purchase Items Without Paying Sales Tax. To avoid paying sales tax on items purchased, a Texas seller’s permit is required. You will need a valid CA seller’s permit account number to make tax free purchases on items for resale.
  • Texas Compliance. To comply with TX rules, you are required to have a seller’s permit if you  or your business sell tangible goods.

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