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California requires corporations, LLCs, and other entity types are to file a Statement of Information.

You may now file online in under 5 minutes.

A California Statement of Information is an annual or semi annual report filing that the state requires every business entity to file. This document will contain various information about the entity, such as corporate officers, members directors, corporate addresses, etc. If an entity fails to file a Statement of Information within the required time frame, the state may initiate fines or penalties against the entity, or even forcibly forfeit or suspend the entity.

Many California business owners are unsure of how to correctly file their Statement of Information. Go Filings has simplified the process for you. You can file through our innovative online system in under 5 minutes.

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We've built a system to make the Statement of Information process easy for you.
We specialize in business filings through the CA SOS, FTB, and CDTFA
We file directly through the CA system to ensure fast processing.
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California based. We specialize in California specific business filings, so wouldn’t it make sense for our staff and agents to be located near the government offices we file and retrieve through? Of course! Our support reps, filing agents, and all staff are all located in California.

Fast. Our processors work fast and communicate as needed with our clients to ensure that we can process record request or filings as fast as possible. To compete, we have to be faster than everyone else.

Thorough. We error check all document prep orders. We perform an extensive name availability search for incorporation filings. We search the state system for possible duplicates for wholesale license processing. We are thorough with all orders, not matter the service.

We communicate. We respond almost immediately to any inquiries that come in through our web form.

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